Our Vision

KaBloom seeks to envision a future in which people live symbiotically with nature by promoting native plants as our most important ally in combating the climate change consequences from increasingly extreme weather in Michigan.We challenge typical, technocentric climate solutions, and instead explore how nature has already created the technology we need to address some of our most urgent issues in the climate crisis.

Native Plants & Beyond

As our public institutions fail to take action on the fight against climate change, it is up to us to take action. By rewilding your lawn, you not only use nature’s technology to prevent excess runoff from poisoning Michigan’s water, but you rebuild ecosystems and habitats capable of supporting life for species other than our own. Climate action must involve restorative measures that have net good impacts on the environment rather than just harm reduction. By partnering with native plants, we are rebuilding relationships with nature to work towards a future in which people live symbiotically with nature.

Environmental Impact

Rewilding your yard is your chance to help fight the consequences of climate change. In Michigan and across the midwest climate change is causing an increase in storm events and this threatens the health of our great lakes. Maintaining green lawns requires homeowners across the United States to spend billions of dollars on pesticides, fertilizers, and water. These green lawns might look pretty, but grass has shallow roots that can’t handle or store large amounts of water, so all the extra rain that lawns can’t handle wash the pesticides and fertilizers into our waterways and wreak havoc on native ecosystems by poisoning our water. 

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